We believe in building relationships with our clients, not just services

Kendell Home Care provides top-notch care for our clients

By choosing home health, you can live with peace of mind that you or your loved one is comfortable in their own home, and can continue to live life with purpose.

We take pride in providing an alternative to nursing home and hospital facilities and aim to make sure we are administering the best home care in the area. Kindness and consideration of daily needs is our foremost goal and we treat your loved ones like family.

No matter what your level of care is, our home care can be customized for your specific needs. We have a professional staff who can help determine what the best actions to take to help you and/or your loved one are.

Our staff is trained to help monitor:

  • Proper nutrition/hydration
  • Signs/symptoms of dehydration
  • Signs/symptoms of infection
  • Safety/Fall Risk
  • Signs of High/Low Blood Sugar
  • Skin integrity

We employ highly experienced caregivers who are supervised by a licensed nurse. We provide continued training and education to our caregivers on a regular basis so we can better care for our clients.

Kendall Home Care is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We provide expert care when you need it, seven days a week.

We’re there when you need us!

“I would recommend Kendall to everyone. I trust the people who come into my father’s home. I trust them to care for and treat my father with the very best of care. The aides help me so very much! My father’s laundry and light housekeeping is done regularly. I have even been left with a list of household items that are running low and need to be picked up at the store.

The aides keep me informed as to what is happening at home while I am away. Visitors, lawn care, door to door sales, whoever it is… I am made aware of who has been to the house and why they were there. I can go to work every morning feeling secure in the fact that my father will be ok while I am gone. I am so very thankful for our regular Home Health Aide, Kalicia.”

– Daughter of Toledo Client