When daily tasks become too much, it may be time to choose home care

Home care is an important service that allows clients to stay with the comfort of their own home when they are unable to fully care for themselves or their surroundings. A little help may be needed with housekeeping, meals or self-care due to a decline in function/mobility. It may be that you or your loved one is becoming more forgetful and needs someone around for occasional reminders for medications, meals or staying hydrated.

Are you or a family member struggling with keeping up with:

  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Personal Care (Getting in and out of the shower/tub safely)
  • Taking medications
  • Keeping scheduled appointments

If you are finding yourself being reminded or reminding your loved one of certain chores or hygiene routines and staying in the home is a priority, now may be the time to consider home care.

Home care can also be useful after hospital or rehab stays

It can be hard to know when to choose home health. Let us help you determine if it could help you or your loved one

The transition period from hospital or rehab stay back to home is often times challenging. You or your family member may still be physically unable to care from the home or yourself as you were able to prior to the medical procedure or surgery. Perhaps you or a loved one is unable to complete daily activities due to pain, weakness or poor mobility.

When you choose home care, you can focus on the healing process. We will care for the home by keeping up with the housework and provide you with any personal or physical needs to assist you in your recovery. In fact, home care can prevent and postpone further hospitalization and skilled nursing facility stays because it allows you the opportunity to heal.

Often, home care can be used in conjunction with nursing care. We fill in the gaps and provide service that nurses cannot. A nursing care team may provide clinical pathways, rehabilitation services and personal care, while we help care for the home and make sure errands are taken care of and appointments are attended.

Beyond housekeeping and mobility aid, home care can provide support for basic needs

Declining function and forgetful memories can sometimes lead to not getting the right kind of nutrition/hydration to meet daily requirements and eventually lead to weight loss or dehydration. We work ongoing to provide healthy nutritious meals to help prevent weight loss and diminished health.

Home care also provides support for mental health needs, including companionship. Many elderly or clients with memory deficits have a more difficult time leaving home. They can become lonely, withdrawn or depressed not having someone to talk to or be with. Our caregivers engage patients by, stimulating conversations, playing cards, doing memory activities to ensure our clients are receiving the companionship they need to continue to thrive.